Theater Set Design                                                                                                                                                              

Peter Pan

This year’s production of Peter Pan added a 1st time challenge;  Flying! Choreographed, rigged and trained by  “FOY Inventerprises”*,  a theatrical flying company, students were harnessed and trained, along with their parents,  to deliver the wonderful effects of floating off to Never Never Land and back.   While this task went to another guiding company, it meant that our set had to be quite different to accommodate all of this flitting about.

Historically, these sets have had one large, fixed, set piece with a few moveable supporting parts brought onto and off of the stage as necessary. Due to the “flying corridors” required for this show, all of the set pieces were portable and had to also be totally removed from stage at times. A large piece such as the Lost Boys Land was made up of (4) four rolling parts which had to be assembled on stage and broken down for the pirate ship. To aid in this changeover, we made (2) two of the Land pieces double as the pirate ship stairs on the reverse side.

With many pieces and many hands back stage, the movement of the set parts had to be carefully choreographed along with the actors dance numbers. The crew was superb in their handling of everything and it worked as planned.....another successful show for all.

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