Theater Set Design                                                                                                                                                              

The Wizard of Oz

This set was constructed for the Radnor Middle School spring production. The Director’s concept was to make “Dorothy’s” house the center piece of the show. As the storm approaches, the actors become the tornado and begin pulling the house apart; siding, windows, corner boards and roofs. This “stripped” structure becomes a multi layered / leveled prop for the continuing story and characters trying to get to Oz. On Dorothy’s return to Kansas, the house must be 8th graders! Therein lay the challenge.

All of these pieces had to be lightweight, yet sturdy enough to endure the tornado scene where the pieces fly away in the hands of the actors. Rigid foam was shaped to form the siding and panels were created along with a sequence of dismantle and assembly. These kids put on three shows and performed it perfectly every time....hats off to them, the director and producer.

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