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CDG (Challenge Design Group)

Wayne, PA

Challenge Design Group (CDG)* is a design-build firm specializing in the design, renovation and construction of facilities for persons with disabilities. Growing up with a brother with severe Cerebral Palsey has heightened my awareness for the needs of the disabled and the complexities of each individuals’ needs. It was only natural for me to become involved in this specialized field.

The Process

A services brochure was developed to provide prospective clients information on the process for identifying, studying and solving accessible barriers and issues. This first step enabled them to clearly understand the complexities of accessibility and the measures required to create facilities that can be used by all.


A program for builders and the public was also provided to help them understand, first hand, the difficulties of everyday life with a disability. Participants were assigned a disability; sight and/or hearing loss, speech impediment, or physical mobility problem. Appropriate props were used to “create” the assigned disability (blindfold, marbles in the mouth, wheelchair, walker, earplugs, etc.). Each person was then assigned a helper and given a task to complete in town. Tasks ranged from going to a store to buy a newspaper or negotiating the streets or buildings in a wheelchair. We all met afterward to discuss their experiences and answer questions. This was a highly successful and educational program.

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*Challenge Design Group (CDG) was 

  dissolved in 2010 and is currently being 

  operated by DCL Architects

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