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Row House Residence

Philadelphia, PA

This 2-story row house was previously renovated for the AMSP partnership (see partnerships). To further our ADA property inventory, we decided to alter this residence with the addition of an elevator. The 1st floor front floor structure was dropped to street level creating a two level 1st floor; the street level Living Room and an intermediate level for the Kitchen / Breakfast Room and outside rear Deck . This three stop new elevator enables one to travel between the Living Room, the Kitchen / Breakfast Room and ultimately to the 2nd floor Bedroom, Study, Laundry and Bathroom. The traditional front “stoop” steps and landing were removed to allow direct street / sidewalk access. A transom window was enlarged to allow the use of the same door opening / header stone with the sill being lowered to sidewalk level. Once inside, all amenities were created and / or adjusted for an accessible home.  This home is available for short or long term rental for those with special mobility needs.

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