The Foundry

Phoenixville, PA

This was a project that was developed and proposed as a competition for development of the Foundry Building in Phoenixville, Pa.   Built in the mid 1800’s, this site and the surrounds had been continuously occupied since the mid 1700’s as a center for steel and iron manufacturing. With demolition looming in the near future, concerned preservationists in Phoenixville were able to purchase the property and raise funds to restore the exterior and structure of this beautiful building. The town of Phoenixville then held a competition for designs, repurposing and reuse of this site and building.

Partnering with a developer, restauranteur and a music venue producer, we developed a proposal for an entertainment and restaurant center. Presentations to the Planning Commission won the right to make our vision a reality. Unfortunately, the partnership eroded and the proposal was ultimately withdrawn.

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